The Digital Winds of Change

Early on Richard Miller, President of Miller's Professional Imaging, recognized the winds of change blowing through the world of photography. In 2003, he encouraged the creation of Mpix to meet the growing demand for professional prints from digital media.

Back then, the complexities of a full-range imaging studio were viewed as overkill considering the existing technology. All you needed was a digital file and an Internet connection to order a professional print. But Mpix was there to greet the emerging market with the same high quality established by its parent company. Today, Mpix continues to be the digital imaging lab for photographers of all levels to order high quality print products. But now, the winds of change are blowing in a new direction. Enter MpixPro.

MpixPro Focuses on the Professional Photographer

As the newest division of Miller's, MpixPro is the upgraded professional-tier digital imaging lab. Don't worry. MpixPro retains the simplicity and ease-of-use established by its predecessors--but with a few key differences. Namely, MpixPro provides specialized professional services essential to remain relevant in the digital world. Hidden pricing, the universal ROES entry system, free shipping, and extensive professional-grade product lines are just a few of the key differences we recognized the pros required. MpixPro offers them all. And more.

Reliability in a Fast-Moving Digital World

MpixPro is founded on a past and present grounded in reliability at the highest quality and fastest turnaround. We are here to screen and deliver the best products in the industry. We are here to simplify your busy, hectic schedules. We are here to grow with you--the professional photographer working in the digital age. You can depend on MpixPro as your singular digital lab and as your partner.

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