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Photographic Prints (and services)
3 Archival Papers

Kodak Professional Endura Premier Paper, Metallic paper, and Ilford’s True B&W paper. Custom backprinting is also available.

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Color Management

MpixPro has an experienced team of technicians to ensure you get beautiful, consistent color on every image that prints in our lab. Our color management department will review each and every one of your images, and enhance them if needed, for just $1.25 per image file.

Print sizes

32 print sizes ranging from wallets to 30x45". Plus you can combine paper types within 1 order.

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Choose from among 4 mounting options including Styrene.

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Custom Framing

We will print, frame and ship. 16 classic frames to choose from. Optional black or white mat.

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Fine Art Prints

Similar to watercolor paper. Available in 12 sizes ranging from 8x10" to 24x36".

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1.5" and 2.5" Gallery Wraps

Standard sizes range from 8x10 to 24x36. Custom sizes available 8x10 to 24x36 in 1" increments.

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Photographs are mounted on thick, lightweight Gatorfoam edged in black or white trim.

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Gallery Mats

We will print your image and mount it in a beautifully beveled 6-ply mat. Available in 4 sizes ranging from 5x5" to 8x10".

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Greeting Cards

Photographic Greeting Cards personalize a message like nothing else can. Simply design your card, and let us do the rest.

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Professional Retouching

Facial retouching, glass glare removal, stray hair removal, red eye removal and braces removal.

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Professional Finishing

Lustre coating and Linen Texture available.

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Press Paper Types

7 Press papers – Classic Felt, Premium Bamboo, Premium Cotton, 100% Recycled, Stock, Pearl and Linen. Plus, don't forget that you can combine paper types within 1 order.

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Add Bookmarks to your product offering or as another marketing tool. Commercial promotions, senior gifts or personalized gifts are just a few applications. With our optional folding you can easily create a folded business card!

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Business Cards

Your photographs. Your image. They are one in the same. Your Business Card should serve as a reminder not only of your contact information but as a singular representation of your professionalism and who you are as a photographer. Also available with rounded corners!

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Custom Hard Cover Books

A step beyond the standard album, the unique appeal of seeing photographs come to life on the pages of a book is more than words can say. But your images can. And your clients will be thrilled. Available in 5 sizes with 3 cover options.

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Flat Cards

Flat Cards are a simple way to display your image(s) with customized text, and if designed as a postcard, are ready to send and land in the mailboxes of your future clients. Upload your own design or use one of our popular templates. Available in 5 sizes.

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Folded Cards

Folded Cards give you an additional option to mark special occasions and announcements. We offer specialized templates or you can upload your own design.

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Posters are a terrific promotional product for your studio. They’re also perfect to offer the client who wants to make a big statement.

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Rep Cards

Rep Cards are business cards with one added benefit: low minimums. Your cards are packaged in custom fitted boxes at no additional charge.

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Sell Sheets

Create Sell Sheets to get your message out. Sell Sheets allow you to economically create short print runs of a marketing piece, a price list, or product specifications. Available as a flat sheet, or a bifold or trifold.

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Stickers make a simple marketing tool--perfect for images, logos, return addresses and contact information. Use them for your studio or as a special product to offer clients. Gift tags, photo labels and more, the possibilities are endless.

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UV Coating

Extend the life of your press products. Protect them from harmful UV rays. UV Coating lengthens the lifespan of your press products.

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Print Proofing

Add special features like texture and borders to your proofs. Proofs are available in 5 sizes and are printed on E-Surface paper. Spiral Binding is also available.

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Proof Portfolios

Proof Portfolios are the professional and stylish way to present photos to your client. Your photos are scaled to their original size and never cropped so your work is shown exactly as you intended.

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Custom Wood USB Boxes

Print your logo or an image on the lid of the box for a sleek and stylish way to brand your studio or for truly personalized client image presentation.

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Custom Wood USB Drives

Print your logo or an image on one side of the USB body and cap for a stunning image presentation. USB Drives are available in Classic or Luxe shapes with 8 GB and 16GB memory options.

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Photo Buttons are the perfect product to offer for team sessions or political and charitable campaigns. Available in 3.5" diameter.

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Our 8x10" custom templates make ordering a Calendar a snap. Time will fly by with a personal touch.

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Custom DVD Cases (single or dual)

Present your client their images on DVD in a professional manner.

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Custom Image Boxes

Custom Image Boxes provide a professional and polished way for you to present prints to your client.

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Keychains are perfect for the client who needs a fun, whimsical way to display a photograph. They also make inexpensive promotions to market your studio.

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Simple. Effective. Inexpensive. As a promotion or as a client product, Magnets make displaying your work or information easy.

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Memory Mates

Capitalize on the team mentality by offering memory mates to your team photograph sittings. No one wants to forget the year they won the championship and the friends they made along the way.

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Functionality and novelty combine in the Photo Statuette. Perfect for trade show displays, corporate functions, or personal mementos, statuettes give three-dimensional photography a whole new meaning. Available in 2 sizes.

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Looking for a unique item to add to your sports pack. Here it is! Available in sets of 10.

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Trader Cards

Trader cards are for the kid in all of us. Immortalize your clients or their children in all their athletic glory.

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Wall Clings

Laser cut for pinpoint accuracy and realism, Wall Clings provide a unique opportunity to display your client’s favorite photograph. They can be applied and reapplied with no worry about leaving a residue. Available in 5 sizes and printed on premium Photo-Tex material.

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Fine Art Acrylic Prints

Our 1/4" acrylic substrate brings your photograph to life with an almost three-dimensional effect. Fine Art Acrylic prints are available in 4 sizes and come ready to hang.

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Fine Art Metal Murals

Guaranteed to make a statement, Metal Murals will impress your client. Your image is split between 4, 11.7” brushed aluminum tiles. Fine Art Metal Murals are available in 4 sizes.

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Fine Art Metal Prints

Brushed aluminum Metal Prints show your images in an incomparable way. We start with metal, add a coat of opaque white ink to the surface, and then print your image on top. Fine Art Metal Prints are available in 4 sizes and arrive ready to hang.

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Vivid Metals

Prepare to experience your images in a new definition and clarity. Produced with your choice of White Base or Metal Base, and available in 22 sizes from 4x4 to 30x40.

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Luxe Vivid Metals

Transform your photographs into show-stopping conversation pieces. Produced with your choice of White Base or Metal Base, and available in 3 sizes all with a luxe shape.

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MpixPro ROES

All ordering is done with this powerful ordering software which has become the standard in the industry.

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Hassle free remake policy – Not happy? We will make it right.

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MpixPro to Mpix

Upload images from ROES into a client’s Mpix account.

Online Hosting

Sell images online with Zenfolio. Simple Zenfolio upload via ROES. At this time the Zenfolio catalog DOES NOT include all MpixPro products.

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Boutique Packaging

Ship your order in our classy cream boxes with rich, chocolate ribbon.

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Free FedEx shipping on domestic orders exceeding $100. $5 per shipment for orders below $100. We only ship with sturdy, professional packaging so your orders arrive perfect each time.

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Test Prints

5 free 8x10" test prints at time of account creation.

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