Khara Plicanic
Khara Plicanic

A wedding photographer based in the midwest, Khara Plicanic has made a name for herself by consistently wowing clients with great images and record-setting turnaround times of—are you ready for it?—one week or less (no joke!). In fact, she's so crazy passionate about helping her fellow photographers get a grip on their workflow, that in 2011, she and her husband rode their bikes across the country (from California to Florida) offering workflow classes along the way to anyone and everyone who was hungry to get their life back.

Khara's pursuits have earned her several awards for her business practices as well as her unique teaching style and playful sense of humor that have endeared her to an exponentially growing audience.

Her book, "Your Camera Loves You: Learn to Love it Back!" was recently released from Peachpit Press and her popular "Guide to a Wickedly Fast Wedding Workflow" is liberating photographers around the globe.

When she's not behind a camera, Khara stays busy plotting her next adventure whether a half-marathon, a cross-country bicycle ride, or the fine tuning of a new business idea. She believes in clean shooting, a wickedly fast workflow, and all things covered in chocolate.

Khara Plicanic's Gallery
  • Accordion Books
    Accordion Books
    Accordion Books make great giveaways. Whether as a client thank you gift or something thoughtful for a vendor, they're so darn adorable. How could you not love them?
  • Gallery Mats
    Gallery Mats
    I love the artistic look and feel of a simple Gallery Mat. It elevates any image into a new limelight.
  • Framed Prints
    Framed Prints
    Framed Prints are my favorite. I was so head over heels in love the first time I saw one, I promptly ordered a 2nd for myself!

  • Layflat Books
    Layflat Books
    I'm a big believer in getting something tangible in a client’s hands as soon as possible, so in my studio everyone gets a session album. Layflat Books are simple, affordable, and they look great!

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